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The HawkTM Labeler is uniquely designed for pharmaceutical as well as other companies that value quality control in packaging

  • Stops automatically if the optional bar code scanner can not verify the bar code.
  • Stops automatically if the label length is incorrect.
  • Auto rejection system for missing hot stamp code.
  • Auto rejection system for missing label.
  • Featuring CVC SelfSetTM.
  • Automatic adjustment of product separation:
    The CVC 302 automatically regulates distance between each bottle to prevent missing labels caused by bottles crowded.
  • Servo-driven labeling head brings the remarkable improvement of output labeling speed ranging from 163 to 233 feet per minute.
  • Meets cGMP requirements, and ISO 9001:2000 standards.
  • The labeling head is powered by servo motor for increased speed, power and accuracy.
  • Touch screen control programmed in English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • The compact non-CE model is available upon request.

1. Bar code verification (optional)
If the bar code scanner fails to sense the correct bar code, meaning no bar code or incorrect bar code, the verification system will single for 'error' signal will stop the labeling system and alarm to alert the operator.
2. Label size verification
CVC 302 Hawk™ can verify length of each label to avoid label being misapplied For instance, when the SelfSet™ identify the standard length is 4", once different sized labels are detected, the labeling system will stop an alarm for attention.
3. Bottle diameter verification
Another common error is the wrongly placed bottle, the optic sensor system CVC 302 Hawk™ equipped scans each bottle to eject unqualified one by identifiying the diameter. For instance, when the standard diameter of bottle is 3", once different size is detected, the labeler will stop and alarm for attention.
4. Hot stamp code camera verification system (optional)
This optional aims to avoid hot stamp code missing or false; while irregular labels are detected, the labeling system will stop and alarm to alert.
5. Automatic rejection system (optional)
The labeling system will stop due to irregular situations happening, it needs to be restarted by operators and this will lessen the efficiency. The rejection system is designed to remove all irregular products automatically so the operation will keep carrying on.
6. Label sensor sensitivity adjust automatically
The sensibility of label sensor has to be adjusted to meet labels printed by different inks and made of various materials; in the past operators have to try many times to find the best setting. Now you have CVC SelfSet™ the world's When label changes, CVC SelfSet™ will detect its charateristic and determine the proper sensibility.

Five U.S. patents awarded!
• Machine construction
• Protection from wrong labeling
• Auto rejection system for incorrect labeling
• Auto adjustment of label position
• Auto adjustment of label sensor