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CVC 320 combines both bottle labeling and leafllet side-outserting; this dual functional labeler is the state-of-the-art desgin of contemporary package machinery.

  • Equipped with PLC control system and user-friendly touch screen control panel.
  • Featuring SelfSet™ system, label dispensing speed, wrapping speed, and label extended length setup are synchronized automatically.
  • Featuring CVC SelfSet™

Technical Specifiaction
Items CVC 320
Max. output (BPM) 60
Applicable ranges Bottle Diemeter 13/4"-33/8"
(for round bottle only)
Height 33/8"-65/16"
Label Lenght 33/8-57/8"
Height 2"-23/4
Leaflet Width 13/6"-19/16"
Thickness 1/8"-1/4"